Do These 4 Things To Wake Up Early

Waking up early for some people can be a herculean task. But it is definitely not as difficult as it is, especially when it is beneficial to productive living.

How to wake up early

1. Choose the time best for you:

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For some, it may be 4am, 5am or 6am. Whatever you think is best for you. If you usually need a long time to prepare, then waking up earlier is best for you. It might seem difficult at first, but as you continue to do it, everyday, your body will get used to it.

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2. Set your alarm clock at least 15 minutes earlier:

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This actually helps a lot. Although you may wake up and hit the snooze button a number of times, you’ll gradually be getting used to it. To prevent you from doing that, try to keep your alarm clock far from your reach so that when it rings and you wake up, you’ll actually stand up from the bed to put it off. That way, you’d have prepared yourself to fully wake up.

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3. Sleep early the previous night:

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If you want to wake up early, you should sleep early. You can’t go to bed at 1am and expect to be fully awake at let’s say, 5am. That’ll be less than enough sleep required by your body to fully recover and prepare itself for the next day.
Enough rest and sleep will help you wake up the next day feeling hale and hearty.

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4. Find something to get excited about:

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When you have something exciting to do the next day, you’ll be eager to wake up early and get to it, especially something that is done in the mornings. It could be your quiet time with God, working out, whatever it is. When you’re looking forward to doing that particular thing, you’d definitely want to be up early.

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