3 Simple Ways To Discover Your Passion


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A passion for something means that you have a strong, great and powerful emotion towards that thing.

There are one or two things that really give us enthusiasm, as compared to a hobby that we just do for fun, or when we’re relaxed.

Passion is usually the basis for purpose – it points us towards the direction of our purpose. Passion for something is what gives us sleepless nights, what makes us go the extra mile to see that it is accomplished, and once accomplished, gives us a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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Know how to discover your passion with these 3 simple ways:

1. Think of what mostly occupies your mind

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Most times, what we love doing or would love to do are on our minds for a greater amount of time. Whether you are resting or working, that particular thing stays in your mind. You involuntarily find yourself thinking about it or wishing for it, whether you are involved in it or not. Whenever it comes to mind, it gives you joy.


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2. Watch how you spend your time

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Observe what you mostly do for a whole day, week, and even a month, while taking into account the amount of time you spend doing it/them.
While doing an activity that is probably your passion, a huge chunk of time passes by and it is usually unnoticed. You are so engrossed in it, and enjoying it that a lot of hours have passed by even without your knowledge.

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3. You prefer it over responsibilities

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Do you usually allow ‘that activity’ to get in the way of your home and work activities? If you tend to prefer a certain activity over other things like house work or even office work it’s because that’s your passion. For example you can leave your pile of unwashed plates or clothes for designing greeting cards because that’s what makes you happy, what you love doing – your passion.

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