How To Be Consistent In Anything

 Keeping up with your goals

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Consistency simply means regularity.

A consistent person is someone who always behaves in the same manner, has the same attitudes towards people or things, or achieves the same level of success in something.

We actually find it very frustrating to know that we are not getting the outcome we desire from a particular action because we find it difficult to be consistent in doing that one thing that will help us achieve our desire.
We are saddened by the fact that the only thing we try to be consistent in is starting an action, and then stopping midway before we see any results.
The only reason for this lack of consistency is because we pay more attention to the desired results, rather than the process that will lead us to the desired outcome.

These 5 steps will help you to be consistent:

1. Have a goal

Setting a goal first starts with idea. When you’ve got that strong idea of what you want to achieve, setting a goal should be the first step. The goal must be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Realistic). For example, if you want to be consistent about your workout habits, you would set a goal that would be split in smaller steps, until you can achieve them one a day, everyday for the period of time you have set. If you want to be more productive at work or at school, SMART goals are needed, that will help you become consistent everyday.

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2. Have a schedule

 After a goal has been set, a schedule will help to make it more organized, and help you keep up. A schedule helps you allocate realistic time frames for each goal you want to achieve. Various tools or apps can be used in creating a schedule. Keeping a schedule helps you make the most use of your time and is a good way to know what commitments need more of your time and effort.

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3. Put up reminders

You can set up reminders anywhere and everywhere you know you would see them. Sometimes, we can forget some commitments we have made, especially those made to ourselves. This is where a reminder placed either on your bedroom wall, refrigerator, wardrobe, mirror, etc, comes in handy. You can even set reminders on your phone to alert you when you need to carry out an action.
For example, you can write down on a piece of paper, what you want to achieve for the next day and put it in your wardrobe. The piece of paper will be put in such a way that when you open the wardrobe the next morning, it falls and then you’re compelled to pick it up and read it. Reminders should be placed in visible places, or places where you visit frequently, around your home, office, or wherever you are at.

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4. Don’t make a promise you can’t keep

Sometimes, requests can get in the way of our plans and handling them should be with wisdom. If a request clashes with a particular time that you’re set to attend to your commitment, first weigh the two, then attend to the one that has it’s benefits outweighing the risk of the other. Alternatively, you can politely turn down the request if you think it’s difficult, or will have little or no benefit compared to achieving your goal for that period. You could also negotiate a promise you know you will be able to keep, so that even if you don’t do it at that particular period, you could do it earlier or later than that.

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5. Take a break

During the course of carrying out our goals, we can become bored and discouraged with the routine of doing the same thing over and over again and this is normal. The best way to push forward is to reward yourself when you successfully get something done. Even this should be included in the schedule at a specific duration so that it will be balanced. You should not be overworking yourself with little or no reward, and you should not take breaks anytime you like as this will gradually cause you to lose interest in your commitments.
Remember, you are your biggest motivation.

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