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3 Ways To Deal With Your Inner Critic

Before I uploaded my first post on this blog, I had a lot of inner struggle like a battle in my mind as to whether to post it or not, and this is because of something called the 'inner critic'.  Now when we hear of this we usually associate it with a very bad or unpleasant emotion but that's not entirely what it is. So what is it? What is the inner critic? First, to criticise means to evaluate or analyse someone or something to make a positive or negative conclusion.  The inner critic refers to an inner voice that judges, criticises, or demeans a person whether or not the self-criticism is objectively justified. It’s important to point out that your inner critic can be helpful . In what way? 1. Re-evaluation: It helps  you check your level of preparedness for something you're about to do. It prevents you from  walking into and encountering many avoidable dangers and unpleasant experiences.               Get  this beautiful card  HERE 2. Self-reflection: It makes us in