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How to Set Goals

It's a cool evening at Ken's place. I went to greet him after many months of not hearing from him. As I approached his house, I noticed a young man sitting outside on a plastic chair, with his hands on his head. I drew closer to him to have a better view of his identity. ————————————————————— Me: Ken is that you?🤨 (No response) Me: Kennedy! Ken: (Jolts in shock) Jesus Christ! 😳 Me: Nor be Jesus dey call you, na me dey call you🙄 Ken: eee......EB na you be this?😯 (EB is abbreviation for my name Ebenezer) Me: Isssme don tay since when I last hear from you, so I say make I reach your side😁 Ken: Omo! Na here I dey oh...this year don finish like this😪 Me: Wetin happen? Ken: I no fit talk one better thing wey I don achieve this year😪 Me: "One thing" oh, just "one thing" Why are you exaggerating na😏 Ken: Okay....okay.....but you understand what I'm talking about.. So many bad things happened to me this year😢. Please sit, sorry for keeping you