How to Set Goals

It's a cool evening at Ken's place.

I went to greet him after many months of not hearing from him.

As I approached his house, I noticed a young man sitting outside on a plastic chair, with his hands on his head.

I drew closer to him to have a better view of his identity.


Me: Ken is that you?🤨

(No response)

Me: Kennedy!

Ken: (Jolts in shock) Jesus Christ! 😳

Me: Nor be Jesus dey call you, na me dey call you🙄

Ken: eee......EB na you be this?😯

(EB is abbreviation for my name Ebenezer)

Me: Isssme don tay since when I last hear from you, so I say make I reach your side😁

Ken: Omo! Na here I dey oh...this year don finish like this😪

Me: Wetin happen?

Ken: I no fit talk one better thing wey I don achieve this year😪

Me: "One thing" oh, just "one thing"

Why are you exaggerating na😏

Ken: Okay....okay.....but you understand what I'm talking about..

So many bad things happened to me this year😢.

Please sit, sorry for keeping you standing.

(He draws out the second plastic chair for me to sit)

Ken: What would you like to have?

(Muttering under his breath: "I nor even get anything for this house sef")

Me: I heard you oh 😂 Anyways don't bother, I'm okay.

Ken: 😂😂

Me: Oya mention the bad things that have happened to you.


1. I lost my dad😭

2. I suppose graduate this year oh, but I spill😓

3. I chop breakfast😪

4. Forex wey I dey do not gree work for me😤

5. All the goals wey I plan this year no, one enter😔

Na those ones I remember for now, because na them pain me pass😪

Me: Only you one nai all these things happen to? You try oh, Sorry about it...

Ken: Thanks😪

Me: I'm not here to cry with you though, because all that is in the past and there's no amount of crying that will change them.

Ken: True😪

Me: Next year is here, you can still reset those goals.

Ken: (cuts in) and fail again?

Me: No. This time, break them into smaller tasks and set milestones for them, that'll help you more. 

Ken: Okay.... you're making sense...🤔

Me: Also, try and make them realistic, I mean, try to create allowance for mistakes and times when you'd flop. You must not be uptight all the time, you're human too.

Ken: hmm....🤔

Me: For example, 

- Start with: 'Goals for January'

- Then break them into 'Goals for every 2 weeks' or 'Goals for every 1 week'. 

- Finally, break them into 'Daily Tasks' and if you want, 

- make the daily tasks a 'To-do List'.

Ken: Wow, I love this concept🙂

Me: For your losses, you can only let go of what has gone, they were not entirely within your control.

Ken: 😓

Me: Identify your mistakes from your failed relationship and try to improve on them.

Ken: (Sighs) It's hard, but I'll try😔

Me: Exactly! That's the way forward. But now, you should focus on your academics so you can graduate. I think that's the most important right now, every other thing should be secondary, till you successfully graduate.

Ken: You're right...

Me: School will soon resume, try not to let your past failures, deter you from giving your best this time. I wish you success.

Ken: Thank you.

Me: To conclude, whenever you're about to go into a sad and depressed state, just start thinking of the good things that have happened this year.

Ken: That's right, I almost totally forgot that some good things have happened to me this year oh....🤔

1. I bought a new laptop

2. I got a scholarship to study Web Design and Development

3. God delivered me from armed robbers.

Hmm.... I remember that fateful day, God spared my life.....(Sobs)

Me: It's okay, let's just thank God for this moment.

(We both worship God for a few minutes)

Ken: Thank you so much for your visit, I am so relieved right now😃

Me: Thank God I was able to meet you. I will like to go now.

(I stand up to leave, Ken escorts me for some distance and turns to go back)

Ken: Bye, 👋 thank you again.

Me: Take care of yourself, until next time👋🏼


Dedicated to you, in Ken's phase right now.

© Marvellous Oreva (Ebenezer)


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